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    • How do immigrants in Norway interpret, view, and prefer to cope with symptoms of depression? : A mixed method study 

      Markova, Valeria (The University of Bergen, 2020-09-18)
      Background. Depression is a common mental health problem worldwide. Delays in seeking treatment, misdiagnosis, and non-specific treatments are barriers to receiving appropriate care for people with depression. People with ...
      Doctoral thesis
    • Editors’ Review and Introduction: The Cultural Evolution of Cognition 

      Beller, Sieghard; Bender, Andrea; Jordan, Fiona (Wiley, 2020)
      This topic addresses a question of key interest to cognitive science, namely which factors may have triggered, constrained, or shaped the course of cognitive evolution. It highlights the relevance of culture as a driving ...
      Peer reviewedJournal article
    • Complexity and Simplification in Understanding Travel Preferences Among Tourists 

      Øgaard, Torvald; Doran, Rouven; Larsen, Svein; Wolff, Katharina (Frontiers, 2019)
      Travel preferences are complex phenomena, and thus cumbersome to deal with in full width in diagnostic and strategic planning processes. The aim of the present investigation was to explore to what extent individual preferences ...
      Peer reviewedJournal article
    • Association Between Objectively Measured Sleep Duration and Symptoms of Psychiatric Disorders in Middle Childhood 

      Ranum, Bror M.; Wichstrøm, Lars; Pallesen, Ståle; Falch-Madsen, Jonas; Halse, Marte Kathrine; Steinsbekk, Silje (American Medical Association, 2019-12-27)
      Importance: The long-term association between sleep duration and mental health in children is currently unknown. Objective: To investigate the prospective associations between sleep duration and symptoms of emotional and ...
      Peer reviewedJournal article
    • Cross-country comparisons of trends in adolescent psychosomatic symptoms - A Rasch analysis of HBSC data from four Nordic countries 

      Hagquist, Curt; Due, Pernille; Torsheim, Torbjørn; Välimaa, Raili (BioMed Central, 2019)
      Background: To analyse the psychometric properties of the HBSC Symptom Checklist (HBSC-SCL) on psychosomatic symptoms with a focus on the operating characteristics of the items, and on the impacts of measurement distortions ...
      Peer reviewedJournal article
    • Cutoff scores for workplace bullying: The Spanish Short-Negative Acts Questionnaire (S-NAQ) 

      León-Pérez, José María; Sánchez Iglesias, Iván; Rodríguez Muñoz, Alfredo; Notelaers, Guy (Colegio Oficial de Psicólogos del Principado de Asturias, 2019)
      Background: Workplace bullying is considered a major social stressor at work. However, in the Spanish context, there is a lack of measures that allow researchers and practitioners to distinguish between non-targets and ...
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    • Interplay of subjective and objective economic well-being on the mental health of Norwegian adolescents 

      Bøe, Tormod; Petrie, Keith James; Sivertsen, Børge; Hysing, Mari (Elsevier, 2019)
      Objective and subjective socioeconomic status (SES) are important determinants of adolescent mental health problems, but we know less about how they interact. Research has demonstrated independent associations of both ...
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    • Interprofessional education as a contributor to professional and interprofessional identities 

      Haugland, Mildrid Jorunn; Brenna, Sissel Johansson; Aanes, Mette (Taylor & Francis, 2019)
      According to the World Health Organization interprofessional education (IPE) is a necessary step in preparing a collaborative practice-ready health work force. However, the processes of developing professional identity ...
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    • Active and passive forms of destructive leadership in a military context: a systematic review and meta-analysis 

      Fosse, Thomas Hol; Skogstad, Anders; Einarsen, Ståle; Martinussen, Monica (Taylor & Francis, 2019)
      Since the turn of the millennium, a growing academic interest has emerged regarding the dark side of leadership, both in general and specific contexts. Characteristics of military organisations may either reduce or exaggerate ...
      Peer reviewedJournal article
    • Job Demands as Risk Factors of Exposure to Bullying at Work: The Moderating Role of Team-Level Conflict Management Climate 

      Zahlquist, Lena; Hetland, Jørn; Skogstad, Anders; Bakker, Arnold B.; Einarsen, Ståle (Frontiers, 2019)
      Conflict management climate is an important organizational resource that is theorized to prevent interpersonal frustration from escalating into harsh interpersonal conflicts and even workplace bullying. The present study ...
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    • Language and thought 

      Bender, Andrea (Heidelberg University Publishing, 2019)
      According to the principle of linguistic relativity, most prominently proposed by Whorf, the language we speak affects the way we think. Three theses are central to this account: that languages differ in how they describe ...
      ChapterPeer reviewed
    • Insomnia symptom trajectories among adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse: A longitudinal study 

      Steine, Iris Mulders; Skogen, Jens Christoffer; Krystal, John H.; Winje, Dagfinn; Milde, Anne Marita; Grønli, Janne; Nordhus, Inger Hilde; Bjorvatn, Bjørn; Pallesen, Ståle (Elsevier, 2019)
      Background: Childhood sexual abuse (CSA) is associated with sleep disturbances in adulthood. However, longitudinal studies have yet to identify among CSA-survivors subgroups distinguished by the trajectory of their insomnia ...
      Peer reviewedJournal article
    • Manifesto for the future of work and organizational psychology 

      Bal, Matthijs; Dóci, Edina; Lub, Xander; Van Rossenberg, Yvonne; Nijs, Sanne; Achnak, Safâa; Briner, Rob; Brookes, Andy; Chudzikowski, Katharina; De Cooman, Rein; De Gieter, Sara; De Jong, Jeroen; de Jong, Simon B.; Dorenbosch, Luc; Galugahi, Motahareh Alsadat Ghoreishi; Hack-Polay, Dieu; Hofmans, Joeri; Hornung, Severine; Khuda, Kudrat; Klamer, Renze; Mendy, John; Mol, Stefan; Navarro, Jose; Notelaers, Guy; Ossenkop, Carolin; Pickett, Jennifer; Röllmann, Laura; Sanderson, Zoe; Sosnowska, Joanna; Spanouli, Andromachi; Vantilborgh, Tim; van Dijk, Hans; Van Zelst, Marino (Taylor & Francis, 2019)
      This manifesto presents 10 recommendations for a sustainable future for the field of Work and Organizational Psychology. The manifesto is the result of an emerging movement around the Future of WOP (see, ...
      Peer reviewedJournal article
    • Metacognition in psychology 

      Norman, Elisabeth; Pfuhl, Gerit; Sæle, Rannveig Grøm; Låg, Torstein; Svartdal, Frode; Dahl, Tove Irene (SAGE, 2019)
      How has the concept of metacognition been used within basic and applied psychological research? We begin our answer by presenting a broad definition of metacognition, a historical overview of its development and its presence ...
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    • Effort-reward imbalance: A risk factor for exposure to workplace bullying 

      Notelaers, Guy; Tornroos, Maria; Salin, Denise (Frontiers, 2019-02-25)
      Previous research shows that work environment factors are important antecedents of workplace bullying (WB), because of the stress they may induce. While previous studies have typically used Karasek’s Job Demand-Control ...
      Peer reviewedJournal article
    • The cultural fabric of human causal cognition 

      Bender, Andrea; Beller, Sieghard (SAGE, 2019)
      Causal cognition emerges early in development and confers an important advantage for survival. But does this mean that it is universal in humans? Our cross-disciplinary review suggests a broad evolutionary basis for core ...
      Peer reviewedJournal article
    • Dispositional affect as a moderator in the relationship between role conflict and exposure to bullying behaviors 

      Reknes, Iselin; Einarsen, Ståle; Gjerstad, Johannes; Nielsen, Morten Birkeland (Frontiers, 2019-01-24)
      Stressors in the work environment and individual dispositions among targets have been established separately as antecedents and risk factors of workplace bullying. However, few studies have examined these stressors in ...
      Peer reviewedJournal article
    • Dietary diversity and child development in the far west of Nepal: A cohort study 

      Thorne-Lyman, Andrew L.; Shrestha, Merina; Fawzi, Wafaie W.; Pasqualino, Monica; Strand, Tor A; Kvestad, Ingrid; Hysing, Mari; Joshi, Neena; Lohani, Mahendra; Miller, Laurie C (MDPI, 2019-08-03)
      Poverty adversely affects child development through multiple pathways in low- and middle-income countries. Relationships between diet and child development are poorly understood. In this study, we aimed to explore these ...
      Peer reviewedJournal article
    • The value of diversity in cognitive science 

      Bender, Andrea (Wiley, 2019)
      A recent article (Núñez et al., 2019) claims that cognitive science, while starting off as a multidisciplinary enterprise, has “failed to transition to a mature inter‐disciplinary coherent field.” Two indicators reported ...
      Peer reviewedJournal article
    • On tools making minds: An archaeological perspective on human cognitive evolution 

      Overmann, Karenleigh Anne; Wynn, Thomas (Brill, 2019)
      Using a model of cognition as extended and enactive, we examine the role of materiality in making minds as exemplified by lithics and writing, forms associated with conceptual thought and meta-awareness of conceptual ...
      Peer reviewedJournal article