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    • Causal Attribution. Cross-cultural models for explaining events 

      Kamran, Maha (The University of Bergen, 2017-06-13)
      The purpose of this study was to examine and compare the association between culture and causal attribution for Saami and Norwegian participants. Data was collected through cognitive mapping, a technique aimed towards ...
      Master thesis
    • Experiences and Perspectives of Immigrant Mothers in Norway 

      Schmidt, Anne (The University of Bergen, 2018-06-22)
      In just one generation, Norway has witnessed a five-fold increase in its immigrant population. Along with the increase in the immigrant population, the number of immigrant children who receive child welfare measures has ...
      Master thesis
    • Ledelse på flerkulturelle arbeidsplasser 

      Styka, Emilia; Weldesilassie, Asmeret Ghebrelul (The University of Bergen, 2017-01-05)
      The purpose of this study was to examine the possible association between leadership styles and attitudes toward cultural diversity in the workplace. Data was collected through an interactive training program which aims ...
      Master thesis