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    • The Bergen 4-day OCD treatment delivered in a group setting: 12-month follow-up 

      Hansen, Bjarne; Hagen, Kristen; Øst, Lars Gøran; Solem, Stian; Kvale, Gerd (Frontiers, 2018-05-03)
      The Bergen 4-day concentrated exposure treatment (cET) for obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) has proven highly acceptable; with practically no drop-out and a 6 month remission rate of nearly 70%. The aim of the present ...
      Peer reviewedJournal article
    • Illness perception in treatment seeking OCD patients 

      Frotjold, Ragnhild (The University of Bergen, 2015-04-15)
      Objective: The literature is inconclusive regarding predictors of treatment outcome in obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Illness perception (IP) has been identified as an important predictor of treatment outcome in ...
      Master thesis
    • A randomized controlled trial of concentrated ERP, self-help and waiting list for obsessive- compulsive disorder: The Bergen 4-Day Treatment 

      Launes, Gunvor; Hagen, Kristen; Sunde, Tor; Øst, Lars Gøran; Klovning, Ingrid; Laukvik, Inger Lill; Himle, Joseph A.; Solem, Stian; Hystad, Sigurd William; Hansen, Bjarne; Kvale, Gerd (Frontiers, 2019-11-15)
      Background: The Bergen 4-day treatment (B4DT) is a concentrated exposure-based treatment for patients with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) delivered during four consecutive days. The B4DT has in a number of effectiveness ...
      Peer reviewedJournal article
    • The role of metacognition and obsessive-compulsive symptoms in psychosis: An analogue study 

      Hagen, Kristen; Solem, Stian; Opstad, Håvard Berg; Hansen, Bjarne; Hagen, Roger (BioMed Central, 2017-06-29)
      Background Several studies have indicated that obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a common comorbidity in patients with psychotic disorders, but there is sparse knowledge about the relationship between symptoms of OCD ...
      Peer reviewedJournal article
    • Successfully treating 90 patients with obsessive compulsive disorder in eight days: The Bergen 4-day treatment 

      Kvale, Gerd; Hansen, Bjarne; Björgvinsson, Thröstur; Børtveit, Tore; Hagen, Kristen; Haseth, Svein; Kristensen, Unn Beate; Launes, Gunvor; Ressler, Kerry J.; Solem, Stian; Strand, Arne; van den Heuvel, Odile A; Øst, Lars Gøran (Springer, 2018-10-04)
      Background: Oslo University Hospital, Norway, had by autumn 2016, accumulated a waiting list of 101 patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) who had a legal right to receive treatment by a specialized OCD team. ...
      Peer reviewedJournal article