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    • Impact of glutamate levels on neuronal response and cognitive abilities in schizophrenia 

      Falkenberg, Liv Eggset; Westerhausen, René; Craven, Alexander R.; Kroken, Rune A.; Løberg, Else-Marie; Specht, Karsten; Hugdahl, Kenneth (Elsevier, 2014-04-02)
      Schizophrenia is characterized by impaired cognitive functioning, and brain regions involved in cognitive control processes show marked glutamatergic abnormalities. However, it is presently unclear whether aberrant neuronal ...
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    • The role of the primary auditory cortex in the neural mechanism of auditory verbal hallucinations 

      Kompus, Kristiina; Falkenberg, Liv Eggset; Bless, Josef J; Johnsen, Erik; Kroken, Rune; Kråkvik, Bodil; Larøi, Frank; Løberg, Else-Marie; Vedul-Kjelsås, Einar; Westerhausen, René; Hugdahl, Kenneth (Frontiers, 2013-04-24)
      Auditory verbal hallucinations (AVHs) are a subjective experience of “hearing voices” in the absence of corresponding physical stimulation in the environment. The most remarkable feature of AVHs is their perceptual quality, ...
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