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    • NE Atlantic continental slope stability from a numerical modeling perspective 

      Bellwald, Benjamin; Urlaub, Morelia; Hjelstuen, Berit Oline Blihovde; Sejrup, Hans Petter; Sørensen, Mathilde B.; Forsberg, Carl Fredrik; Vanneste, Maarten (Elsevier, 2019-01)
      Trough mouth fans are environments characterized by high sediment supply during glacial stages and the occurrence of large-scale instabilities. The geological record indicates that several of these environments have failed ...
      Journal article
    • Norwegian margin outer shelf cracking: a consequence of climate-induced gas hydrate dissociation? 

      Mienert, Jurgen; Vanneste, Maarten; Haflidason, Haflidi; Bünz, Stefan (Springer, 2010)
      A series of en echelon cracks run nearly parallel to the outer shelf edge of the mid-Norwegian margin. The features can be followed in a *60-km-long and *5-km-wide zone in which up to 10-m-deep cracks developed in the ...
      Journal articlePeer reviewed