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    • Eemian Greenland ice sheet simulated with a higher-order model shows strong sensitivity to surface mass balance forcing 

      Plach, Andreas; Nisancioglu, Kerim Hestnes; Langebroek, Petra; Born, Andreas; Le clec'h, Sebastien (European Geosciences Union (EGU), 2019-08-15)
      The Greenland ice sheet contributes increasingly to global sea level rise. Its history during past warm intervals is a valuable reference for future sea level projections. We present ice sheet simulations for the Eemian ...
      Journal article
    • Eemian Greenland SMB strongly sensitive to model choice 

      Plach, Andreas; Nisancioglu, Kerim Hestnes; Le clec'h, Sebastien; Born, Andreas; Langebroek, Petra; Guo, Chuncheng; Imhof, Michael; Stocker, Thomas F. (Copernicus Publications, 2018-10-19)
      Understanding the behavior of the Greenland ice sheet in a warmer climate, and particularly its surface mass balance (SMB), is important for assessing Greenland’s potential contribution to future sea level rise. The Eemian ...
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