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    • The DeepMIP contribution to PMIP4: methodologies for selection, compilation and analysis of latest Paleocene and early Eocene climate proxy data, incorporating version 0.1 of the DeepMIP database 

      Hollis, Christopher J.; Jones, Tom Dunkley; Anagnostou, Eleni; Bijl, Peter K.; Cramwinckel, Margot J.; Cui, Ying; Dickens, Gerald R.; Edgar, Kirsty M.; Eley, Yvette; Evans, David; Foster, Gavin L.; Frieling, Joost; Inglis, Gordon N.; Kennedy, Elizabeth M.; Kozdon, Reinhard; Lauretano, Vittoria; Lear, Caroline H.; Littler, Kate; Lourens, Lucas; Meckler, Anna Nele; Naafs, B. David A.; Pälike, Heiko; Pancost, Richard D.; Pearson, Paul N.; Röhl, Ursula; Royer, Dana L.; Salzmann, Ulrich; Schubert, Brian A.; Seebeck, Hannu; Sluijs, Appy; Speijer, Robert P.; Stassen, Peter; Tierney, Jessica; Tripati, Aradhna; Wade, Bridget; Westerhold, Thomas; Witkowski, Caitlyn; Zachos, James C.; Zhang, Yi Ge; Huber, Matthew; Lunt, Daniel J. (Copernicus Publications, 2019-07-25)
      The early Eocene (56 to 48 million years ago) is inferred to have been the most recent time that Earth's atmospheric CO2 concentrations exceeded 1000 ppm. Global mean temperatures were also substantially warmer than those ...
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    • Northeast Atlantic breakup volcanism and consequences for Paleogene climate change – MagellanPlus Workshop report 

      Berndt, Christian; Planke, Sverre; Teagle, Damon; Huismans, Ritske; Torsvik, Trond Helge; Frieling, Joost; Jones, Morgan Thomas; Jerram, Dougal Alexander; Tegner, Christian; Faleide, Jan Inge; Coxall, Helen; Hong, Wei-Li (Copernicus publications, 2019-12-02)
      The northeast Atlantic encompasses archetypal examples of volcanic rifted margins. Twenty-five years after the last ODP (Ocean Drilling Program) leg on these volcanic margins, the reasons for excess melting are still ...
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