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    • Preliminary results of 3D-DDTC pixel detectors for the ATLAS upgrade 

      La Rosa, A; Boscardin, M; Dalla Betta, G.-F.; Darbo, G; Gemme, C; Pernegger, H; Piemonte, C; Povoli, M; Ronchin, S; Zoboli, A; Zorzi, N; Bolle, Erlend; Borri, M; Da Via, C; Dong, S; Fazio, S; Grenier, P; Grinstein, S; Gjersdal, H; Hansson, P; Huegging, F; Jackson, P; Kocian, M; Riviero, F; Røhne, Ole Myren; Sandaker, Heidi; Sjøbak, K; Slavicek, T; Tsung, W; Tsybychev, D; Wermes, N; Young, C (Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati, 2009)
      3D Silicon sensors fabricated at FBK-irst with the Double-side Double Type Column (DDTC) approach and columnar electrodes only partially etched through p-type substrates were tested in laboratory and in a 1.35 Tesla magnetic ...
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