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    • Flow Components and Initial State CM Fluctuations 

      Csernai, Laszlo; Skålvik, Astrid Marie; Wang, Du-Juan; Magas, Volodymyr; Stöcker, Horst; Strottman, Daniel D.; Cheng, Yun; Yan, Yu-Liang (Jagiellonian University, 2012)
      At the LHC, the strong collective flow is observed in Pb+Pb collisions, as shown by the azimuthal correlations in the transverse-momentum distributions of the produced particles. We calculate flow components in a relativistic ...
      Peer reviewedJournal article
    • Flow vorticity in peripheral high-energy heavy-ion collisions 

      Csernai, Laszlo; Magas, Volodymyr; Wang, Du-Juan (American Physical Society, 2013-03-22)
      Vorticity development is studied in the reaction plane of peripheral relativistic heavy-ion reactions where the initial state has substantial angular momentum. The earlier predicted rotation effect and Kelvin Helmholtz ...
      Peer reviewedJournal article
    • Kinetic description of particle emission from expanding source 

      Magas, Volodymyr; Csernai, Lászóo Pal (Elsevier, 2008-05-22)
      The freeze out of the expanding systems, created in relativistic heavy ion collisions, is discussed. We combine kinetic freeze out equations with Bjorken type system expansion into a unified model. The important feature ...
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