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    • Changes in marine prokaryote composition with season and depth over an Arctic polar year 

      Wilson, Bryan; Müller, Oliver; Nordmann, Eva-Lena; Seuthe, Lena; Bratbak, Gunnar; Øvreås, Lise (Frontiers, 2017-04-13)
      As the global climate changes, the higher latitudes are seen to be warming significantly faster. It is likely that the Arctic biome will experience considerable shifts in ice melt season length, leading to changes in ...
      Peer reviewedJournal article
    • Seasonal diversity and dynamics of haptophytes in the Skagerrak, Norway, explored by high-throughput sequencing 

      Egge, Elianne Sirnæs; Johannessen, Torill Vik; Andersen, Tom; Eikrem, Wenche; Bittner, Lucie; Larsen, Aud; Sandaa, Ruth-Anne; Edvardsen, Bente (Wiley, 2015-06)
      Microalgae in the division Haptophyta play key roles in the marine ecosystem and in global biogeochemical processes. Despite their ecological importance, knowledge on seasonal dynamics, community composition and abundance ...
      Peer reviewedJournal article