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    • Consistency issues in pdf methods 

      Suciu, Nicolae; Schüler, Lennart; Radu, Adrian Florin; Attinger, Sabine; Vamo̧s, Cǎlin; Knabner, Peter (Tipografia Universitatii Ovidius, 2015)
      Concentrations of chemical species transported in random environments need to be statistically characterized by probability density functions (PDF). Solutions to evolution equations for the one-point one-time PDF are usually ...
      Journal article
    • A convergent mass conservative numerical scheme based on mixed finite elements for two-phase flow in porous media 

      Radu, Florin Adrian; Kumar, Kundan; Nordbotten, Jan Martin; Pop, Sorin Iuliu (2017)
      In this work we present a mass conservative numerical scheme for two-phase flow in porous media. The model for flow consists on two fully coupled, non-linear equations: a degenerate parabolic equation and an elliptic equation. ...
      Research report
    • Finite volume methods for elasticity with weak symmetry 

      Keilegavlen, Eirik; Nordbotten, Jan Martin (Wiley, 2017-11)
      We introduce a new cell‐centered finite volume discretization for elasticity with weakly enforced symmetry of the stress tensor. The method is motivated by the need for robust discretization methods for deformation and ...
      Journal article
    • Pore-scale investigation of methane hydrate phase transitions and growth rates in synthetic porous media 

      Lysyy, Maksim (The University of Bergen, 2018-06-20)
      A growing demand for energy and natural gas in particular, makes methane gas hydrates a potential target to supplement natural gas production from conventional resources. Several pilot projects have proven the feasibility ...
      Master thesis
    • Stable cell-centered finite volume discretization for biot equations 

      Nordbotten, Jan Martin (SIAM, 2016-03-29)
      In this paper we discuss a new discretization for the Biot equations. The discretization treats the coupled system of deformation and flow directly, as opposed to combining discretizations for the two separate subproblems. ...
      Journal article