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    • Ecological and evolutionary dynamics of interconnectedness and modularity 

      Nordbotten, Jan Martin; Levin, Simon A.; Szathmáry, Eörs; Stenseth, Nils Christian (National Academy of Sciences, 2018-01-23)
      In this contribution, we develop a theoretical framework for linking microprocesses (i.e., population dynamics and evolution through natural selection) with macrophenomena (such as interconnectedness and modularity within ...
      Journal article
    • Mathematical modeling of fresh water plumes in fjords 

      Beyene, Dereje Weldesemayat (The University of Bergen, 2020-03-07)
      Nutrients are basic elements for healthier biological process in the ocean.The waters in parts of the fjord like some of the worlds coastal areas doesn’t experience exchange between the coast and nutrient and oxygen rich ...
      Master thesis