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    • Impact of Fjord Geometry on Grounding Line Stability 

      Åkesson, Henning; Nisancioglu, Kerim Hestnes; Nick, Faezeh M. (Frontiers, 2018-06-05)
      Recent and past retreat of marine-terminating glaciers are broadly consistent with observed ocean warming, yet responses vary significantly within regions experiencing similar ocean conditions. We assess how fjord geometry ...
      Journal article
    • Warm Circumpolar Deep Water at the Western Getz Ice Shelf Front, Antarctica 

      Assmann, Karen; Darelius, Elin Maria K.; Wåhlin, Anna K.; Kim, Tae Wan; Lee, Sang Hoon (American Geophysical Union, 2019-01-04)
      The Getz Ice Shelf is one of the largest sources of fresh water from ice shelf basal melt in Antarctica. We present new observations from three moorings west of Siple Island 2016–2018. All moorings show a persistent flow ...
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