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    • Is the evolution of clutch size limited by incubation ability in shorebirds? 

      Beatty, Jessica Lynne (The University of Bergen, 2015-06-01)
      Incubation is a crucial aspect of avian life history where differences in incubation techniques and investments can have long lasting effects on offspring and parental well- being and reproductive success. The factors ...
      Master thesis
    • Limited male incubation ability and the evolution of egg size in shorebirds 

      Lislevand, Terje; Thomas, Gavin H. (The Royal Society, 2006-06-22)
      In bird species where males incubate but are smaller than females, egg size may be constrained by male body size, and hence ability to incubate the eggs. Using data from 71 such shorebird species, we show that egg size ...
      Journal articlePeer reviewed