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    • Inversion of time-lapse seismic waveform data using integral equation methods 

      Refsland, Lars André Fardal (The University of Bergen, 2018-06-20)
      Time-lapse seismic data are considered a valuable tool for monitoring hydrocarbon reservoirs. Since the changes in elastic parameters associated with production of hydrocarbons, or injection of CO2 into a reservoir, tend ...
      Master thesis
    • An investigation into the potential of a new quantitative DHI method 

      Helgheim, Tor Naustdal (The University of Bergen, 2018-06-22)
      The seismic response of a layer boundary is dependent on a variety of geological factors and is likely to vary significantly along a given reflector. An aspect that seems to be underutilised in the current DHI methods is ...
      Master thesis