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    • Simulation of hydrate dynamics in reservoirs 

      Kvamme, Bjørn; Vafaei, Mohammad Taghi; Chejara, Ashok; Jemai, Khaled (International Conference on Gas Hydrates, 2011)
      Gas hydrates in reservoirs are generally not in thermodynamic equilibrium and there may be several competing phase transitions involving hydrate. Formation of carbon dioxide hydrates during aquifer storage of carbon ...
      Conference object
    • Simulations of CO2 injection in saline aquifer formations 

      Lågeide, Lars Andreas (The University of Bergen, 2009-07-14)
      This thesis is devoted to studies of long term storage of carbon dioxide in geological formations such as saline aquifers. The goal of the thesis is to contribute to the development of a totally integrated storage evaluation ...
      Master thesis
    • Theoretical studies of CO2 hydrates formation and dissociation in cold aquifers using RetrasoCodeBright simulator 

      Jemai, Khaled; Kvamme, Bjørn; Vafaei, Mohammad Taghi (World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society, 2014)
      Abstract: - Hydrates of CO2 and water can form during aquifer storage if the reservoir has regions where conditions of pressure and temperature are inside the hydrate forming conditions. A very common assumption is that ...
      Journal article