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    • Towards quantifying the increasing role of oceanic heat in sea ice loss in the new Arctic 

      Carmack, Eddy; Polyakov, Igor V.; Padman, Laurie; Fer, Ilker; Hunke, Elizabeth Clare; Hutchings, Jennifer J.; Jackson, Jennifer M.; Kelley, Daǹ E.; Kwok, Ronald; Layton, Chantelle; Melling, Humfrey; Perovich, Donald K.; Persson, Ola G.; Ruddick, Barry; Timmermans, Mary Louise E.; Toole, John M.; Ross, Tetjana; Vavrus, Steve J.; Winsor, Peter R. (American Meteorological Society, 2015)
      The loss of Arctic sea ice has emerged as a leading signal of global warming. This, together with acknowledged impacts on other components of the Earth system, has led to the term “the new Arctic.” Global coupled climate ...
      Journal article