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    • Effects of Management on Heathland Vegetation in Western Norway 

      Måren, Inger Elisabeth (The University of Bergen, 2009-03-31)
      Aims: This synthesis of studies examines the effects of anthropogenic disturbance regimes; the traditional management practices of livestock grazing and prescribed burning, on vegetation and seed banks in coastal heathlands ...
      Doctoral thesis
    • Management-driven evolution in a domesticated ecosystem 

      Vandvik, Vigdis; Töpper, Joachim Paul; Cook, Zoë; Daws, Matthew I.; Heegaard, Einar; Måren, Inger Elisabeth; Velle, Liv Guri (Royal Society, 2014-02-12)
      Millennia of human land-use have resulted in the widespread occurrence of what have been coined ‘domesticated ecosystems’. The anthropogenic imprints on diversity, composition, structure and functioning of such systems ...
      Journal article