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    • Impact of fish density and specific water flow on skin properties in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) post-smolts 

      Sveen, Lene Rydal; Timmerhaus, Gerrit; Torgersen, Jacob Seilø; Ytteborg, Elisabeth; Jørgensen, Sven Martin; Handeland, Sigurd Olav; Stefansson, Sigurd Olav; Nilsen, Tom Ole; Calabrese, Sara; Ebbesson, Lars O.E.; Terjesen, Bendik Fyhn; Takle, Harald Rune (Elsevier, 2016)
      Prolonged production of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) post-smolts in closed-containment systems has prompted research into biological requirements under higher production intensities. This study examined the effect of fish ...
      Peer reviewedJournal article