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    • Energy landscapes shape microbial communities in hydrothermal systems on the Arctic Mid-Ocean Ridge 

      Dahle, Håkon; Økland, Ingeborg Elisabet; Thorseth, Ingunn Hindenes; Pedersen, Rolf B.; Steen, Ida Helene (Nature Publishing Group (NPG), 2015-01-09)
      Methods developed in geochemical modelling combined with recent advances in molecular microbial ecology provide new opportunities to explore how microbial communities are shaped by their chemical surroundings. Here, we ...
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    • The Microbiome and Occurrence of Methanotrophy in Carnivorous Sponges 

      Hestetun, Jon Thomassen; Dahle, Håkon; Jørgensen, Steffen Leth; Olsen, Bernt Rydland; Rapp, Hans Tore (Frontiers, 2016-11-09)
      As shown by recent studies, filter-feeding sponges are known to host a wide variety of microorganisms. However, the microbial community of the non-filtering carnivorous sponges (Porifera, Cladorhizidae) has been the subject ...
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