Professor emerita Else Øyen was educated as a sociologist and became professor of social policy in 1975 at the University of Bergen, Norway, and shifted later research focus to comparative poverty studies within an interdisciplinary framework, cf. list of publications.

She initiated the Comparative Research Programme on Poverty (CROP) in 1991. In a few years it became one of the major programmes under the International Social Science Council (ISSC). The foremost aim of CROP was to provide a scientific framework for the understanding of the many facets of poverty and to create an international arena where poverty researchers from different regions and disciplines could meet and exchange experiences. During the first 15 years close to forty workshops and conferences were held, mainly in countries where poverty is prevalent, a series of publications with ZED Books were produced, and the CROP network grew close to two thousand members.

She has served in several international committees and organisations, among them president of International Social Science Council (1996-98), vice-president of International Sociological Association (1986-90), as well as participation in other national and international committees, cf. list of service in major committees & organizations.

She has lectured widely internationally and has been visiting professor at several universities abroad, cf. visiting appointments.

For curriculum vitae and a full list of publications: Else Øyen's profile at the University of Bergen.

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