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  • Noen spesielle dammer i Bergensområdet og bruken av fisk 

    Moe, Dagfinn (2019)
    Journal article
  • Between winter storm surges - Human occupation on a growing Mid-Holocene transgression maximum (Tapes) beach ridge at Longva, Western Norway 

    Bondevik, Stein; Lødøen, Trond; Tøssebro, Christine; Årskog, Hanne Bente; Hjelle, Kari Loe; Mehl, Ingvild Kristine (Elsevier, 2019-05-23)
    Substantial amounts of archaeological material have been found intermixed with beach pebbles and cobbles on the Tapes beach ridge at Longva on the island Flemsøya/Skuløya in Western Norway. The artefacts show that the beach ...
    Journal article
  • Contrasting Biogeographic Patterns of Bacterial and Archaeal Diversity in the Top- and Subsoils of Temperate Grasslands 

    Liu, Nana; Hu, Huifeng; Ma, Wenhong; Deng, Ye; Liu, Yuqing; Hao, Baihui; Zhang, Xinying; Dimitrov, Dimitar; Feng, Xiaojuan; Wang, Zhiheng (American Society for Microbiology, 2019-10-01)
    Biogeographic patterns and drivers of soil microbial diversity have been extensively studied in the past few decades. However, most research has focused on the topsoil, while the subsoil is assumed to have microbial ...
    Journal article
  • Gammarid amphipods (Crustacea) in Norway, with a key to the species 

    Vader, Wim; Tandberg, Anne Helene Solberg (NTNU Open Access Journals, 2019-02-28)
    Thirteen species in the amphipod family Gammaridae have been reported from Norway. This paper gives a survey of the distribution and habitat of all 13 species of the family Gammaridae occurring or expected to occur in ...
    Journal article
  • From mountains to towns: DNA from ancient reindeer antlers as proxy for domestic procurement networks in medieval Norway 

    Rosvold, Jørgen; Hansen, Gitte; Røed, Knut (Elsevier, 2019-08)
    In medieval archaeology there are long traditions for studying foreign, exotic material culture as proxy for procurement networks of international reach. A paradox is that domestic networks, which brought products to ...
    Journal article
  • The phylogeny of pholcid spiders: a critical evaluation of relationships suggested by molecular data (Araneae, Pholcidae) 

    Huber, Bernhard A.; Eberle, Jonas; Dimitrov, Dimitar (Pensoft Publishers, 2018-10-10)
    With almost 600 species, the latest molecular phylogeny of pholcid spiders (Eberle et al. 2018, BMC Evolutionary Biology) more than triples the largest previously available molecular phylogeny of the family. At the level ...
    Journal article
  • Lecidella varangrica sp. nov. from the Varanger Peninsula, northernmost Norway 

    Haugan, Reidar; Tønsberg, Tor (Nordic Lichen Society, 2018)
    The new species Lecidella varangrica Haugan & Tønsberg is described from the northern shores of the Varanger Peninsula, Finnmark, Norway. It probably belongs to the saxicolous L. asema group by having a pigmented hypothecium ...
    Journal article
  • Kvastad A4. En tidligmesolittisk lokalitet og en undersøkt kvartsåre 

    Darmark, Kim; Johannessen, Linnea Syversætre; Reitan, Gaute; Stokke, Jo-Simon Frøshaug; Sundström, Lars; Viken, Synnøve (Cappelen Damm, 2018)
    Lokaliteten Kvastad A4 omfatter to utgravningsfelt – ett vestlig og ett østlig. Det østlige omfatter fem mindre funnkonsentrasjoner datert til slutten av tidligmesolitikum, ca. 8500–8300 f.Kr. Det ...
  • Long-term changes in regional vegetation cover along the west coast of southern Norway: The importance of human impact 

    Hjelle, Kari Loe; Halvorsen, Lene Synnøve; Prøsch-Danielsen, Lisbeth; Sugita, Shinya; Paus, Aage; Kaland, Peter Emil; Mehl, Ingvild Kristine; Overland, Anette; Danielsen, Randi; Høeg, Helge Irgens; Midtbø, Inger (Wiley, 2018-05)
    Questions: How open was the landscape prior to agriculture? Did agriculture start earlier in the south than in the north? How did the vegetation change in different regions after the introduction of agriculture? Location: ...
    Journal article
  • Microhabitat change drives diversification in pholcid spiders 

    Eberle, Jonas; Dimitrov, Dimitar; Valdez-Mondragón, Alejandro; Huber, Bernhard A. (BioMed Central, 2018-09-19)
    Background: Microhabitat changes are thought to be among the main drivers of diversification. However, this conclusion is mostly based on studies on vertebrates. Here, we investigate the influence of microhabitat on ...
    Journal article
  • Considerations and consequences of allowing DNA sequence data as types of fungal taxa 

    Zamora, Juan Carlos; Svensson, Måns; Kirschner, Roland; Olariaga, Ibai; Ryman, Svengunnar; Parra, Luis Alberto; Geml, József; Rosling, Anna; Adamčík, Slavomír; Ahti, Teuvo; Aime, M. Catherine; Ainsworth, Martyn; Albert, László; Alberto, Altés Garcia; Albertó, Edgardo; Aronsen, Arne; Arup, Ulf; Asgari, Didier; Assyov, Boris; Atienza, Violeta; Bandini, Ditte; Baptista-Ferreira, João Luís; Baral, Hans-Otto; Bendiksby, Mika; Bendiksen, Egil; Bendiksen, Katriina; Brandrud, Tor Erik; Frisch, Andreas; Gulden, Gro; Høiland, Klaus; Holien, Håkon; Jørgensen, Per Magnus; Larsson, Karl-Henrik; Mathiassen, Geir Harald; Ronikier, Anna; Salcedo, Isabel; Schulz, Barbara; Schumacher, Trond; Senn-Irlet, Beatrice; Spribille, Toby; Taskin, Hatira; Timdal, Einar; Tønsberg, Tor; Vellinga, Else C; Vizzini, Alfredo; Vetlesen, Per; Voglmayr, Hermann; Wedin, Mats; Weholt, Øyvind; Westberg, Martin (The International Mycological Association, 2018-06)
    Nomenclatural type definitions are one of the most important concepts in biological nomenclature. Being physical objects that can be re-studied by other researchers, types permanently link taxonomy (an artificial agreement ...
    Journal article
  • Antropologi på film - refleksjoner rundt tre filmer fra Kilimanjaro 

    Myhre, Knut Christian; Storaas, Frode (Universitetsforlaget, 2018-12-19)
    Denne artikkelen tar utgangspunkt i forfatternes erfaringer med å lage tre filmer av ulik karakter for å reflektere over relasjonen mellom observasjon og analyse i etnografisk film og visuell antropologi. På denne bakgrunnen ...
    Journal article
  • The systematics and phylogeny of Haminoeidae (Mollusca, Cephalaspidea), with special focus on the taxonomy and phylogeny of the genus Haloa sensu lato 

    Oskars, Trond Roger (The University of Bergen, 2019-04-01)
    The family Haminoeidae consist of herbivorous snails found worldwide in tropical to temperate shallow waters on reefs, seagrass beds, rocky shores and mangroves. The family is the most diverse within the Order Cephalaspidea, ...
    Doctoral thesis
  • Introduction to an anthropology of wealth 

    Rakopoulos, Theodoros; Rio, Knut (2018)
    In this introduction, we aim to demystify the concept of wealth, too entangled in financial discourses, which have generally reduced it to ‘accumulated assets’. This is at odds with the intricate cultural history of wealth ...
    Journal article
  • Coincident mass occurrence of gelatinous zooplankton in Northern Norway 

    Knutsen, Tor; Hosia, Aino; Falkenhaug, Tone; Skern-Mauritzen, Rasmus; Wiebe, Peter H.; Larsen, Roger B.; Aglen, Asgeir; Berg, Erik (Frontiers Media, 2018-05-23)
    In autumn 2015, several sources reported observations of large amounts of gelatinous material in a large north Norwegian fjord system, either caught when trawling for other organisms or fouling fishing gear. The responsible ...
    Journal article
  • Ocean current connectivity propelling the secondary spread of a marine invasive comb jelly across western Eurasia 

    Jaspers, Cornelia; Huwer, Bastian; Antajan, Elvire; Hosia, Aino; Hinrichsen, Hans-Harald; Biastoch, Arne; Angel, Dror; Asmus, Ragnhild; Augustin, Christina; Bagheri, Siamak; Beggs, Steven E.; Balsby, Thorsten J.S.; Boersma, Maarten; Bonnet, Delphine; Christensen, Jens T.; Dänhardt, Andreas; Delpy, Floriane; Falkenhaug, Tone; Finenko, Galina; Fleming, Nicholas E.C.; Fuentes, Veronica; Galil, Bella S.; Gittenberger, Arjan; Griffin, Donal C.; Haslob, Holger; Javidpour, Jamileh; Kamburska, Lyudmila; Kube, Sandra; Langenberg, Victor; Lehtiniemi, Maiju; Lombard, Fabien; Malzahn, Arne; Marambio, Macarena; Mihneva, Veselina; Møller, Lene Friis; Niermann, Ulrich; Okyar, Melek Isinibilir; Ôzdemir, Zekiye Birinci; Pitois, Sophie; Reusch, Thorsten B.H.; Robbens, Johan; Stefanova, Kremena; Thibault, Delphine; van der Veer, Henk W.; Vansteenbrugge, Lies; van Walraven, Lodewijk; Woźniczka, Adam (Wiley, 2018-07-24)
    Aim: Invasive species are of increasing global concern. Nevertheless, the mechanisms driving further distribution after the initial establishment of non‐native species remain largely unresolved, especially in marine ...
    Journal article
  • The distribution of the fathead sculpin species Cottunculus subspinosus Jensen, 1902 

    Byrkjedal, Ingvar; Langhelle, Gunnar; Christiansen, Jørgen Schou; Karamushko, Oleg V. (NTNU Open Access Journals, 2018-04-13)
    The range of the rarely caught fathead sculpin species Cottunculus subspinosus has been considered restricted to the waters off East Greenland and Northeast Iceland. For the first time the species is recorded from the ...
    Journal article
  • Ancient diversity of afrotropical Microborus: three endemic species - not one widespread 

    Jordal, Bjarte Henry (Pensoft, 2017)
    The primarily Neotropical genus Microborus Blandford is represented with three species in Africa and Madagascar. The previously recorded species from this region, M. boops Blandford, is a Neotropical species restricted to ...
    Journal article
  • A pollen analytical study of faeces from wiegon, Anas penelope . A case study 

    Moe, Dagfinn (The Author, 2018)
    Pollen analysis of faeces from bird (also mammals (King 1977)) gives important additional information about attractive and nutrient rich pla nt fodder hardly traceable using macro analysis or by field observation (e.g. ...
    Journal article

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