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    • Auditors' understanding of evidence: A performance audit of an urban development programme 

      Reichborn-Kjennerud, Kristin; Johnsen, Åge (SAGE Publications, 2011)
      This article uses a case study to analyse two main dilemmas that performance auditors face when auditing complex interventions in governance. The first dilemma, concerning the performance auditors’ roles as improvement ...
      Peer reviewedJournal article
    • Complexity and Hybrid Public Administration—Theoretical and Empirical Challenges 

      Christensen, Tom; Lægreid, Per (Springer, 2010-10-07)
      This article provides a greater understanding of hybrid public administration. Different generations of public sector reforms have accentuated hybrid and complex features of public organizations, resulting in multiple-layer ...
      Peer reviewedJournal article
    • The Contraction- and Detraction Thesis. A theory on power and values conflicts in democracies 

      Gran, Thorvald (Fagbokforlaget, 2005)
      The alternation of contraction and detraction processes in public administration is linked with long-term tendencies in the political system. From the last quarter of the 19th century the influence of the Storting (the ...
      Peer reviewedChapter
    • Hvordan institusjoner forklarer handling John Searles bidrag 

      Gran, Thorvald (Universitetsforlaget, 2005-03-02)
      The relation between institutions and rational action is a major theme in the social sciences. To what degree and in case how is action determined by rules? To what degree is rational action original, not to be predicted ...
      Journal articlePeer reviewed
    • Land politics in the new state organisation in South Africa 

      Gran, Thorvald (DBSA Development Bank of Southern Africa, Routledge Taylor and Francis Group., 2009-03)
      In a study of land politics carried out from 2001 to 2005 in the two western provinces of South Africa, the Northern and the Western Cape, a high degree of distrust was recorded between institutions in the provincial ...
      Peer reviewedJournal article