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  • Attributes and consequences of health information systems data for antenatal care : Health status, health system performance and policy 

    Venkateswaran, Mahima (The University of Bergen, 2019-11-05)
    Background: A routine health information system (RHIS) serves as an important source of data for monitoring health of clients and health system performance. All countries use RHIS data for some form of priority setting; ...
    Doctoral thesis
  • Comparison of RNA-folding structures, in-vivo, in-vitro and in-silico 

    Roodashty, Hanieh (The University of Bergen, 2019-10-31)
    The main objective of the work has been to develop the understanding of the difference between RNA structure probing approaches; in vivo, in vitro and in silico. Similarities and differences between three libraries of data ...
    Master thesis
  • Optimization Problems in Communication Networks and Multi-Agent Path Finding 

    Ivanova, Marika (The University of Bergen, 2019-09-13)
    This dissertation is a compilation of six research papers that are focused on three dif- ferent topics summarized in the text. The first three papers address NP-hard problems arising in ad-hoc wireless com- munication ...
    Doctoral thesis
  • La polyphonie dans le discours climatique officiel du Cameroun 2005-2017 

    Badiang Oloko, Francis (The University of Bergen, 2019-11-08)
    The present thesis has two complementary objectives: one empirical goal and one theoretical challenge. The interpretation of Cameroon official discourse on climate change is the primary aim. However, to achieve this, the ...
    Doctoral thesis
  • Représentations de la femme africana dans « le cycle de l’ombre et la lumière » de Léonora Miano 

    Ndi Etondi, Vanessa Aurelie (The University of Bergen, 2019-11-06)
    This research focuses on the image of black women in Léonora Miano’s African-themed novels. They form the “cycle de l’ombre et la lumière” which is made up of La Saison de l’ombre, the trilogy “Suite Africaine” composed ...
    Doctoral thesis
  • Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine (LAIV) Immunization in Children and Adults: Lesson for Development of Universal Influenza Vaccine 

    Islam, Shahinul (The University of Bergen, 2019-11-06)
    According to the WHO (World Health Organization), one billion peoples are infected annually of whom three to five millions become severely ill and 250-500 000 deaths worldwide (He, Wang et al. 2013) although the latest ...
    Doctoral thesis
  • Characterizing mass transport in hydrogels using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance 

    Wisniewska-Dale, Malgorzata Anna (The University of Bergen, 2019-11-08)
    During the past decades, drug delivery system has become an important research topic in the pharmaceutical field. Conventionally, the therapeutic concentration of a drug in the blood is achieved by repeated administration ...
    Doctoral thesis
  • Development of the salmon louse Lepeophtheirus salmonis parasitic stages in temperatures ranging from 3 to 24°C 

    Hamre, Lars Are; Bui, Samantha; Oppedal, Frode; Skern-Mauritzen, Rasmus; Dalvin, Sussie (Inter-Research, 2019-09-05)
    The development rate of the salmon louse Lepeophtheirus salmonis is greatly influenced by seawater temperature. This study describes how the growth rate of L. salmonis changes with temperature and identifies the extreme ...
    Journal article
  • EU-OPENSCREEN: A novel collaborative approach to facilitate chemical biology 

    Brennecke, Philip; Rasina, Dace; Aubi Catevilla, Oscar; Herzog, Katja; Landskron, Johannes; Cautain, Bastien; Vicente, Francisca; Quintana, Jordi; Mestres, Jordi; Stechmann, Bahne; Ellinger, Bernhard; Brea, Jose; Kolanowski, Jacek L.; Pilarski, Radosław; Orzáez, Mar; Pineda-Lucena, Antonio; Laraia, Luca; Nami, Faranak; Zielenkiewicz, Piotr; Paruch, Kamil; Hansen, Espen; von Kries, Jens P.; Neuenschwander, Martin; Specker, Edgar; Bartunek, Petr; Šímová, Šárka; Leśnikowski, Zbigniew; Krauss, Stefan; Lehtiö, Lari; Bilitewski, Ursula; Brönstrup, Mark; Tasken, Kjetil; Jirgensons, Aigars; Lickert, Heiko; Clausen, Mads H.; Andersen, Jeanette hammer; Vicent, Maria J.; Genilloud, Olga; Martinez, Aurora; Nazaré, Marc; Fecke, Wolfgang; Gribbon, Philip (SAGE, 2019)
    Compound screening in biological assays and subsequent optimization of hits is indispensable for the development of new molecular research tools and drug candidates. To facilitate such discoveries, the European Research ...
    Journal article
  • Communication and daily care of Sami patients with dementia: healthcare workers` experiences 

    Lukkari, Tanja Annika (The University of Bergen, 2019-11-02)
    Purpose: The purpose of the study is to gather new knowledge on the experience of healthcare staff in their communication and daily care with Sami patients with dementia. Method: Data was collected through five individual ...
    Master thesis

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